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Why We Do It

In 2020, we saw work spaces become living spaces become education spaces become recreation spaces. After two years, "these unprecedented times" became "the new normal," and...  People. Are. Tired.

Citing burnout as the number one reason for quitting, in November, 2021, 4.5 million people voluntarily left their positions.  Not surprisingly, helpers and those in helping professions led the charge. And yet, despite The Great Resignation and The Great Reshuffle, business needs have not diminished.  Services need to be provided; products need to be made and sold.  So… 
What can an organization do about it?







Amy Wright & Co.’s inclusive professional development training and continuing education programs solve business problems through personal conversations that matter now more than ever to your bottom line and to your team. 

  • Our trainings support companies reduce recruiting spend, increase retention & engagement, and build sales funnels. 

  • They help companies build empathetic, compassionate, productive teams reflective and considerate of the populations they serve. 

  • Amy Wright & Co. trainings improve morale and support companies create cultures that align with their values, including taking personal responsibility for self care and creating a culture of accountability around resilience. 

  • Additionally, Amy Wright & Co. is a nationally accredited provider of continuing education for nursing, social work & funeral director licenses, as well as CE credit for law enforcement organizations. 






Why You Need Us

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