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Amy Ackley should have been dead three years ago.

In 2014, this beauty was 33, married with a young family, worked full time as a medical device sales rep and managed her horse farm and farrier business. Then, she was diagnosed with De Novo Stage IV metastatic breast cancer, with metastasis to her spine, chest wall, liver, pelvis & femur. Several years later, she was also diagnosed with brain cancer.

Amy is more than her diagnosis. She has been my friend for nearly 30 years; she is Greg’s wife, Ashlyn’s step-mom, Alle’s mama. She loves her family, her farm, her community, and the world is a better place because she’s in it.

In this episode of #dead, we discuss Amy's intimidating floral Doc Martens (f'real), the impact of a terminal diagnosis, what it’s like to face mortality daily, and how Amy has chosen to thrive as an outlier.

Listen here:

For more information on metastatic breast cancer, Amy recommends visiting

As always, thank you to Care Patrol for your support!

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