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Join us tomorrow?

Join us Thursday, March 31st at 12:00 PM, CDT for another virtual conversation on The Intersectionality of Race, Culture & End of Life Care featuring Yoli Campos Smith, LVN; Anna Kalisz; & Miriam Torrado, LCSW representing the LatinX and Hispanic communities.

All are welcome for this free event; registration is required.

Have you met our panelists?

Yoli Campos Smith has over three decades of nursing experience with a background in Critical Care, Case Management and Hospice. Over the last eight years, she has worked as a Clinical Hospice Educator and in Business Development. She is presently the Business Development Specialist for The Wesleyan Home Health and Hospice.

Anna Kalisz was born in Brazil where she lived for half of her life. She’s passionate about health, science and humanitarian issues.

Miriam Torrado has intentionally alternated her career experiences between direct services and leadership roles in order to touch people’s lives and also change institutional barriers which impact those in need.

Born in Cuba, Ms. Torrado is a fierce advocate for linguistic and culturally appropriate services. She has had oversight for the translation of thousands of documents from English to Spanish, created materials in Spanish and served as a spokesperson for state government officials to Spanish language media on policy changes impacting Latinos.

A graduate of the University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Ms. Torrado worked with domestic violence survivors, victims of human trafficking, teen moms, and chronically mentally ill older adults before discovering hospice/end of life services which became her passion and calling.

A Certified Transformative Mediator, Ms. Torrado also supports individuals in conflict to regain their strength and responsiveness so as to change the quality of their interactions.

As a volunteer to workshops focusing on helping people reach new levels of success and fulfillment, both personally and professionally, Ms. Torrado has further encouraged and mentored hundreds of others to live their best lives. She is the proud mother of two amazing daughters who continually challenge and inspire her own personal and professional growth.

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