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a conversation about life + death

Death is as sacred a time as birth,
but nothing is sacred on this podcast!

Whether you're blindsided by loss or are anticipating death, grief is brutal.  It's our memories and moments of joy through tears that keep us going.  On #dead, our guests share stories of hope.  We discuss our heartbreaking and hilarious experiences at end of life, answer questions we wish we had known to ask, and laugh really hard in the hopes of giving others permission to do the same.  

Listen here.

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Fourth Quarter

You retired.  Congratulations!
Are you prepared for what comes next?

Folks plan their entire working lives for retirement. If they're fortunate, there is a whole lot of life between retirement and death.  It's time we start preparing for that, too.

On Fourth Quarter, legal, real estate, health care, and finance professionals (to name a few) share practical post-retirement planning tips and tools and the personal experiences that give their work meaning.

Body Shots

The first time you took a shot at yourself
was before you could legally take a shot at all.  

What were the messages you sent yourself in those days?  
Were you too fat? Too thin? Too dumb?  Too smart?
Too much? Not enough?

It takes consistent effort over time to change those messages. 
On Body Shots, we share the stories of where we've been and celebrate where we are, even if it's not quite where we want to be. 

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Perimenopause + menopause real talk

Menopause marks the end of menstruation, and for many of us, the beginning of a season of "Now what?"

On Pause, we discuss the biological changes we're experiencing and celebrate menopause as reason to reflect and course correct in order to do and be whatever we want in this next, glorious season.