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Our Clients

Amy Wright & Co.’s clients are companies of all sizes that recognize the need to put people first, especially healthcare providers and organizations serving older adults.  Our clients are (sometimes painfully) aware that how they support the individual worker impacts every facet of business.  By the data…

  • In November, 2021, 4.5 million people chose to voluntarily resign their paid positions, leaving entire industries with a staffing shortage.

  • The #1 reason workers chose to leave an employer since 2020 was burnout. 

  • Due to a lack of professional development opportunities, 74% of workers say they aren’t achieving their full potential. 

  • Seven out of 10 people say that professional development opportunities affect their decision to stay at a company.

  • Employees with professional development opportunities are 15% more engaged.

  • Sixty-eight percent of workers say that training and development is the most important work policy.


Organizations can host in-person or virtual trainings that solve business problems through personal conversations on topics ranging from leadership, sales & marketing to grief, burnout, and resilience. Additionally, Amy Wright & Co. offers consulting services on how to implement processes and affect long term change.  How can we help you meet your goals?


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Sarah, OTR/L, President

I would recommend Amy Wright & her company.  She is an effective teacher, an excellent speaker and communicator, and created custom trainings for my company for customer service, marketing and hospice.

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Dale, Founder

Amy was able to customize a training program for our specific leaders that brought us together as  a team.  I love her teaching style and her content. 

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Kevin, HR Manager

Our team is made up of people from all walks of life, and the consensus was that everyone walked away feeling seen and valued.  We will carry that forward as we  use what we learned."

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